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Be Careful of Cut Price Carpet Cleaning
A good clean can put the spring and the colour back into your carpet. We agree that this can give a new lease of life to your flooring and brighten your room. But – beware of the cut price cleaning offers!
You will know the offers that we’re talking about. They usually arrive on your front door mat and shout about low prices – as little as £50 for your entire house!
carpet cleaning careDid you know…. at least 80% of the dirt in carpet is dry particles that have worked their way to the bottom of your carpet pile? These course materials can easily cause early wear to your carpet, so cleaning really does give your carpet extra life.
Removing these dry particles is always the first step. Then, a cleansing product should be applied… then efficiently washing/vacuuming it away. Using inferior products – or even leaving out these steps altogether – are easy ways for the cut price cleaners to save costs… but the obviously impacts upon the end result.
Drying your carpet is the final step - and the one which really does highlight inferior cleaners. With the right equipment, carpets can be dried in as little as 30 minutes (dry compound cleaning) to 12 hours maximum (water extraction air movers).
Timing is important as after 12 hours, mould can start to develop. Many homeowners complain that their carpets are still damp 24 – or even 48 – hours after their cleaning company has visited. These are the cleaners to avoid.
Interiors Monthly confirms the advice that the Charles Wilson Carpets team always offers… always check that your carpet cleaning company is a member of a professional organisation such as the National Carpet Cleaning Association, or The WoolSafe Organisation. You should then have the reassurance of their professional training, insurance and standards.
If you would like to know more about the best way to care for your carpet and flooring, pop in or talk to the friendly team at Charles Wilson Carpets. We’re here to help.