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Laminate Flooring

We have an excellent range of laminate floors in store

What is a laminate?

A laminate gives all the appearance of a real wood floor but using a digital image of real wood which is applied to a high density boarding and covered with a strong melamine covering to give superb protection. Essentially a man-made product but these days it looks very natural and it’s hard to tell in some cases!
The prices vary according to depth & strength of board and the layers of protection used. This also tends to be reflected in the guarantees given by the manufacturer.

Why choose laminate?

We have moved over solely to laminates rather than solid or veneered woods because of the ease of maintenance we find our customers prefer. Real wood whether oiled or lacquered needs a fair bit of maintenance and because it is a softer product it does scratch & dent far more than a laminate.

TIP: Some engineered woods (a veneer of real wood over a backing board to form a plank) are also referred to as laminates – so check what you are being offered.

The main reason for choosing laminate are:

  • Price – you can get a very natural look at a fraction of the cost of real or engineered woods
  • No messy or onerous cleaning routine
  • Very easy to sweep & keep clean
  • Far less prone to scratching or denting
  • Repairs can be done by unclicking or using fillers/pastes for any knocks
  • Wide range of styles – contemporary washed looks to rich traditional oaks

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