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Christmas Carpet Care
Are you planning to entertain this Christmas?
With extra people, parties and inevitable spills, this can be a tough time for your carpets!
Here are our top five tips to keep your carpets looking good before, during and after the festive season:
1. Use a barrier
No – not to keep guests out! Use a doormat or a rug in doorways with outdoor access. This helps to prevent spreading outside dirt into your home. It also helps to protect this area of flooring from the extra wear that it inevitably needs to cope with.
Whilst you’re entertaining, you may access your garden from areas usually only used during the summer, such as patio doors. (For example you may let children or dogs into the garden to play… or you may need to fetch extra supplies from your shed or garage.) These areas also need protective barriers – especially during winter.
Remember to clean rugs and doormats too, (including the underside).
2. Spillages & Stains 
  • Always treat spillages immediately.
  • Any excess solids should be taken up with a blunt knife. 
  • Always blot or dab with a dry, clean cloth -rather than rub. (Rubbing can cause carpet pile to untwist or flatten.) Definitely avoid brushing or scrubbing. 

Our top tip: always have a clean, absorbent cloth ready to use. You never know when it will come in handy!
3. Shoes 
Asking your guests to remove their shoes really does help protect your carpet. This is the easiest festive tip!
4. Pine Protection! 
If you have a real Christmas tree, place it on a mat or piece of spare carpet. This will protect your floor from pine needles, soil and water.
5. Your Carpet Isn’t Just For Christmas! 
These tips are great for helping your carpet to cope with the festive season – but why not look after your flooring all year? Keep your carpets looking good and working hard for as long as possible!
“We like our homes to look as good as possible at Christmas – for ourselves and for visitors,” says Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “These tips will help your carpet to cope with Christmas.  If you would like further advice – or need mats, rugs or carpets, pop in to our store or give us a call. We’re here to help.”