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Autumn Colours to Love
As autumn takes hold, ten colours are expected to be in demand this season.
Pantone is the global colours authority. It provides a process code and reference number for every conceivable colour… so you know that it will be matched consistently every time. 
The top ten colours for this autumn have been announced by Pantone. They certainly echo the popular choices for flooring this season. Apparently, these colours reflect a “unity of purpose, confidence and tranquility”. Actually – this seems about right for your flooring choice!

The colours for autumn 2016 are:


The blues and greys that top the list are “cool and calm, strong and stable” according to Pantone. Riverstone Blue is forecast to be the most popular: “A colour that displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication, one that borders on exciting, yet maintains a sense of constancy.”

The reds and browns add warmth, excitement and dynamism to your room’s colour scheme. Purples and mustard shades bring a little exoticism to the feel of your space.
The pinky-purple at the end of the list brings as element of fun, which could be incorporated via rugs, artwork or accessories.

The possibilities are endless!

Best of all, if you are tempted and want to see how a colour works in your home, ask us about borrowing a sample. That way, you can see how different options work with the light and decoration in your own space.
Still undecided? One of our most popular carpets uses every colour of the rainbow – literally! 

Pop in and browse through our range of flooring and colour options, Our friendly team is on hand to help. See you soon!