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Five Ways To Keep Your Vinyl Flooring Fabulous
Solid vinyl tiles look great in tile and woodplank designs. Modern ranges offer a lovely breadth of colours and styles – and they are very durable. They are more practical than you may think, offering good scratch and water resistance. They do, however, need a regular – albeit simple – maintenance routine.
So what are the best ways to keep your vinyl tiles looking fabulous?

Here are our top five tips for vinyl care:

1. Use a doormat – they are great for keeping out dirt. Grit transported on your shoes can act like sandpaper, gradually removing the finish from your flooring.  Chemicals can cause discolouring. Doormats come in all sorts of colours and designs and your vinyl floor will look good, effortlessly.

2. Regular brushing – keep your floors clean by using a soft brush on a regular basis. This removes dirt before it has the chance to become ground in.

3. Low impact cleaning – sweeping/vacuuming regularly and wiping up spills straight away are both perfect ways to keep your vinyl flooring clean.
Those awkward or persistent spots can be cleaned using warm – rather than hot – water with an appropriate cleaner. Remember to rinse with clean, cold water to avoid leaving a residue on the floor. 

vinyl floor tiles4. Don’t soak your vinyl – water can seep into seams and edges, gradually causing corners to lift or the tiles to come loose. 

5. Protect your flooring by using protective feet, fitting furniture such as chairs with felt tips. 

Vinyl flooring is often used in rooms that are used a lot and create spills – such as kitchens and bathrooms. Their durability makes them perfect for these spaces. By investing time and effort little and often, your vinyl floor will look great for years.
Would you like to know more about vinyl flooring options? Talk to the team at Charles Wilson Carpets. We can show you the ranges available and offer expert advice about caring for your vinyl.