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The Quality Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Mats have a tough job!
They need to be welcoming (some have more character than others!) and also hard working. It’s your mat which has the job of helping to take dirt from outdoor shoes – and paws – before it reaches your household flooring.
Matting has an important safety role too. From duckboard matting for shower rooms to slip-resistant vinyl floor covering, the right matting can prevent slips, trips and falls.
More accident happen in the home than anywhere else (RoSPA). Simple steps such as providing the right flooring in key safety areas, (where floors are likely to become wet or catch spillages), can make a big difference.
The slip-resistant feature of many vinyl options make this flooring very popular. They come with both traditional and modern finishes. Even better… no wax, polish or maintenance is needed.
At Charles Wilson Carpets, we are big fans of Jaymart matting.

Their range provides something for every environment and taste. This includes a range of commercial choices (for swimming pools or bars, for example). An equine range is also available for stables, horseboxes and gateways.
“Mats can offer both style and safety to your room or entrance,” says Helen Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “You’ll be amazed at the variety that’s available. We have rubber and coir (coconut husk hair) mats which are great for front and back doors, plus some great options for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas.”
 To find out more about our range of matting, pop into our store or call us on 01462 450 780. We’re here to help.