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Our New Video!

The Making of a Video

Have you seen our new video on the home page? We made it with Hitchin TV and I have to say it was a really simple and fun experience (although it got a bit nerve racking when close ups were involved).
The wonderful guys from HitchinTV, Tony & Mark, visited us one Sunday so we could film it all without phones ringing and doors banging.  We now have the utmost respect for those who have to speak to camera. As you will notice it was only Mark who volunteered to do the closing chat, the rest of us were up for the old “silent movie” style a la “The Artist”!
Its amazing to watch the filming being done, there wasn’t a huge pile of equipment but the long arm for zooming up and down and round about was a great gadget as you can see from some the lovely shots Tony created for us.
HitchinTV also sourced the voice over for us, to our surprise it turned out to be the one and only Natalie from Heart FM’s breakfast show! Much better than one of us trying to sound like the M&S adverts’ husky tones!
We hope you like it and we’d love to know what you think!