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Caring for Rugs
Rugs are hugely popular. They add warmth and style to any room – from living room to bedroom. Best of all, they are such an easy way of personalising your space.

Large or small, round or – well, any shape you’d like – rugs are versatile… and fun! Just like any other type of flooring, they need to be cared for too.

 5 Top Tips for Rug Care

rug care tips1. Vacuum
Keeping your rug clean is the best way to keep it looking good. Regular vacuuming prevents most of the dirt from becoming ground into the rug’s fibres. Use the same setting on your vacuum cleaner as you do for hard flooring – the rotating brush is too harsh for most rugs, causing potential shedding. We recommend a weekly vacuum.

Top Tip: Vacuum in both directions to avoid matting.

2. Blot – Now!
The advice for rugs is the same as for carpets – clean spills immediately. Blotting is best – a cloth or paper towel can help absorb residue and liquids.

Top Tip: Avoid scrubbing as it can cause matting and may even grind remaining residue into the rug pile.

3. Rug Underlay’s Rule!
Rug underlay sits underneath your rug and offers some great benefits:
  • Dramatically reduces sliding/movement
  • It can help protect your flooring from being scratched by your rug’s backing
  • You can adhere a rug to a thicker more standard underlay if you want to reduce noise etc.

4. Plan a Deep Clean
Wool rugs really need a professional clean every few years. Experts will have the right equipment and cleaning solutions for your rug.

Top Tip: Make a note of any specific issues that you want your cleaner to address.

5. Cleaning Shaggy Rugs
Shaggy rugs can feel so soft and luxurious. The best way to clean them is shake your rug first, then gently vacuum using ‘high pile’ setting. This should avoid seeing your rug threads disappearing into your vacuum cleaner!

Top Tip: Dry carpet shampoo can offer some great results for shaggy rugs.

“Rugs are extremely popular – in all shapes, sizes and styles,” says Helen Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. ”We advise that you treat your rug as you would your favourite clothing – to help it last for ages, read the care instructions carefully and keep it clean to maintain its good looks. It’s also best to avoid walking on rugs with outdoor shoes.”

Are you tempted to try a rug in your room? We now have a bespoke made to measure service, as well as our standard shaggy rugs you can order from our samples. To find out more and discuss your flooring options, please visit our showroom in Hitchin, Herts or call us on 01462 450780.