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Allergy-Friendly Flooring
Some people find that they react to everyday environments... different spaces can have a big impact upon how they feel.

Choosing the right flooring can be important If you live with allergies or asthma.

Children can be particularly affected. Respiratory and neurological issues are linked to various environmental toxins, reports The Guardian. This includes exposure to phthalates – chemical binders commonly found in many household cleaners, personal care products, food packaging – and carpets.

A growing problem

In the European Union, a ban prevents the use of phthalates in many consumer products. “We go through these cycles in chemistry where we realise one chemical is bad and so we phase it out, and then another one crops up,” says green chemist Bruce Akers, who works with a variety of personal care and home product manufacturers.

“It’s a known thing in the personal care industry, so you’ve definitely got more companies looking to produce phthalate-free products.”

These companies include flooring manufacturers, who recognise that phthalates in carpets and flooring are affecting people with allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Allergy-friendly flooring

At Charles Wilson Carpets, we are excited about a range of flooring that is free of phthalates, therefore great for people with allergies.
Vorwerk has launched an environmentally and allergy friendly range: ‘RE/COVER green’. Almost 90% of the flooring is manufactured from renewable raw materials. Plus, it’s phthalate-free.

“We are often asked about which flooring is best for people with allergies,” says Helen Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “It’s great to have the reassurance that the Vorwerk range is suitable for them. It looks good and is easy to care for too.”

Helen adds: “Allergies are a growing concern for many of our customers. We always strive to offer the best options - the Vorwek RE/COVER green range includes carpets and hard flooring, so there’s something suitable for every space.”

Consider your interiors too...

At Charles Wilson Carpets, we work closely with the friendly team at Gilroy Interiors. For your windows, they have a great selection of Luxaflex blinds. You can also ask about Topar and Dustblock blinds which protect against dust and are washable too. Other options for keeping your windows free from dust are Shutters and Microscreen Roller Blinds both of which are easily wiped clean. 

To find out more about allergy-friendly flooring pop in and chat with the friendly team at Charles Wilson Carpets, or call 01462 450780.