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Wrinkles and Rucks!
Ever noticed your poor carpet might be looking a little older than its years, with a few wrinkles and baggy patches here and there?

It’s true - carpets can stretch over time. Generally, though, this should not be the case and it is most likely down to a few fitting issues. This is especially true if especially if your carpet is a recent purchase.

What causes a crumpled carpet?

There are several issues that can cause this “Nora Batty” crumpled look:

Poorly placed grippers (the hook like bits that hold your carpet in place), too far or too close from the skirting can mean it won’t stay hooked on or sit flat
Wrong type of gripper – too long a hook or too short means the carpet won’t stay stretched properly
Poor choice in underlay, there are lots of different types that to do different jobs to support your carpet
Poorly laid underlay i.e. edges not taped together – can allow carpets to pucker up and move around underneath
Poorly stretched carpet – fitters have tools to pull the carpet tight on the grippers, not enough and it will ruck and too much and it can buckle the carpet and it won’t sit right
Poor seaming – if the tape used to join the carpet is too weak or not heated correctly joins can come apart or start to fray

Occasionally, a new carpet can go a bit baggy and it is not a fitting fault. If a carpet has been laid in colder weather it can “grow” once in situ, (this can happen with vinyls too). This is because the glue and backing of the flooring start to warm up and relax once they are in a heated environment. This can create ‘wrinkles’. If you see it in your carpet, please don't worry. Just ask your retailer to arrange for their fitter to pop back and give it a bit more of a stretch.

Avoiding wrinkles... in your carpet!

When buying your lovely new carpet:
  • do ask the qualifications and experience of the person who is likely to fit it, a good quality carpet can still look cheap if fitted badly
  • make sure your sales person goes through the underlay options so you get both the right feel underfoot but the right support for your carpet (it helps it look better for longer)
  • if you get a crumple or saggy look to your carpet DON’T LEAVE IT – old or new carpet it will cause wear issue if it is isn’t fixedTake a look at Richard Renouf’s humorous article in Interior’s Monthly to explain how “loose” is no use!
If you have any questions… or a carpet with wrinkles and rucks, pop in and have a chat with the friendly experts at Charles Wilson Carpets.