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What does underlay do?
We liken underlay to car servicing: it’s necessary, it keeps everything going, but it often seems a lot of expense for something you can’t see! 

There are many different types of underlay. They can work in slightly different ways but as a rule the flooring trade agrees that a good underlay is as important, if not more important, than what you put on top of it.

A good underlay can:
  • improve comfort
  • help with insulation and warmth in your home
  • keep your carpet looking good, reducing flattening by absorbing the pressure from footfall
  • smooth out small imperfections in your sub-floor
So it is worth the extra to improve the longevity of your flooring. Being long lasting, it should last the lifetime of your flooring before needing to be replaced.

But beware - a cheap, poor quality or old re-used underlay can have the opposite effect. This isn’t just scaremongering by retailers! It is backed by “British Standards” who give guidelines for the best practice for installing flooring.

Poor or old underlay can:
  • reduce the life of your flooring
  • break down, causing wear spots in the flooring above, (carpet fibres can breakdown more readily if not supported properly)
  • feel hard and unwelcoming, no matter how plush the carpet is

So don’t be afraid to ask what type is best for you, how long it will last and what qualities that underlay has that will help your flooring in your home. 

Every area of the home is different; each type of carpet or flooring needs something different. Please contact our team for advice about the right underlay for your home.