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Colour Me Happy!
Risky red or passionate purple?
Colours are fascinating! They can completely transform the look and feel of a room, plus they also influence our mood. If you are planning a new look for your space, you should be aware of how colours impact upon how we feel…
Green has both warming and cooling properties, offering a calming and stable influence. Darker greens are great as a serene choice for living areas. Limes bring a vibrant energy and a modern feel to kitchens and bathrooms. Green is a very versatile colour!
Yellow creates an inviting, warm and welcoming space. Do you know that it has a stimulating effect on the mind? Yellow is therefore a perfect colour for your office/study.
Blue offers calmness and serenity. Again, tones make a big difference. Deep blues signify intelligence and importance, great to create a feeling of sophistication and elegance within your home. Paler shades of blue are more classic, especially when blended with warm neutral colours – perfect for bathrooms.
Purple inspires creativity and imagination. Deeper shades create a feeling of drama and luxury. Lighter shades invoke a feeling of being special and have a softer, more relaxing feel. Pale shades of purple are perfect for bedrooms.
is a richly diverse colour. As well as inspiring love and romance, it also signifies danger and anger. Choose red as a focal point and a touch of luxury for your living room. (Deep reds were used by upper class Victorians to signify grandeur and prosperity.) A lovely red rug is a perfect way of bringing red into your room.
Cream shades blend well with most colours and are great to give an illusion of size and brightness to a room.
Whilst your moods can be influenced by colour, Interiors Monthly also points out that pale colours can create the impression of a larger space, whereas as deep, bold colours can seemingly ‘shrink’ your room.
Whichever colour you are using for your room, Charles Wilson Carpets will have the perfect flooring to bring out the best of your space. Whether it’s a bold colour, subtle shades or the perfect rug... you’ll be amazed by the difference that your flooring and accessories make to the appearance and impression of your space.
Talk to the friendly team at Charles Wilson Carpets – let us know if you have a particular design theme or colour in mind – or whether you want a full rainbow in your room! We’re here to help.