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Safety at home
A little while back we had a call from a distressed daughter. Her father had fallen trying to reach his bedside table from his bed. The bed had slipped away from him on the laminate flooring and he fell out as it moved.

This is a common problem for some of our older clients; some hard floorings are just no longer suitable as they become a little more unsteady. 

What happened? Firstly, we made arrangements to call asap as time was of the essence (we didn’t want it happening again!). We also took our Mobile Home Service van to see them both – so they could choose there and then without having to make call in to our shop, (far easier after a nasty fall). 

We were able to take up the old laminate and replace this with a soft carpet, with good caster cups on the bed legs to prevent any movement. There is no doubt carpets are great for softening the effects of a fall.

That was the easy bit! Next, we looked for flooring for the bathroom and kitchen areas where slippy vinyl lay in wait! Yes, there are proper safety floorings available but they were all a bit institutionalised/hospital looking for a comfy home. One of our suppliers came to the rescue with brand new ranges of sheet vinyl that had just that extra bit of grip to the surface but without the glitter and gritty texture of commercial safety flooring.

So if you or someone you know needs a visit at home, something to make their home a little safer but still with a comfortable and homely in feel, then please just ask us for our Mobile Home Service.