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5 Wood Flooring Trends for Autumn 2017
It seems early to think about autumn trends… yet the experts have already spoken.

According to House Beautiful, flooring becoming a statement piece!

The leading magazine states that: “Home improvement marketplace Plentific revealed that flooring is set to experience the biggest increase in investment, with an average 29 per cent of homeowners looking to spend more on this in 2017, followed more widely by the bathroom and kitchen (both 27 per cent).”

It adds: “This is further backed up by floorboard specialists Ecora, who say this year will be one of the most 'dynamic times' for flooring, with homeowners becoming more creative and seeking, originality in flooring, which is becoming a statement piece in its own right.”

As we approach the second most popular time of year for moving home or improving your property, what flooring trends can you expect to see during the rest of 2017?

Flooring Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

1. Bolder is Better!
Trends are moving from neutral colours towards rich, dark looks. Accessories are becoming brighter, accompanies by greys and dark brown tones. These colours give a warmth and sophistication that suits vintage or modern tastes alike.
wooden flooring trends2. Brushed Finishes
A brushed finish gives a natural look and promotes the natural texture of your wooden floors. There are some great styles and colours to choose from. 

3. Creative Statements
Flooring definitely isn’t boring! Choose the colours and the finish you want to get the perfect look for your space. Creativity in flooring is more and more popular and due to have even more influence during late 2017.
4. Wide Planks
Wide, large planks make your room look bigger!

5. Herringbone Patterns
The Herringbone look became popular in 2016 and is here to stay with even greater demand in 2017. The pattern really does create a ‘wow’ factor within your space.

Get the Look!

Wood and laminate flooring has developed enormously in recent years,” explains Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “There are a huge number of colours and finishes to choose from - the possibilities are endless!”

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