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Carpet Care With Pets
Is your pooch hiding from you? Maybe your cat has brought you a 'loving trophy'?

Almost half of us (49%) own a cat or a dog... which can involve flooring mishaps! Here are our top five tips to love your carpet as well as your pet:

1. Use a doormat or a rug in doorways with outdoor access.

2. Use a barrier to keep your pet out of certain rooms with vulnerable flooring! Remember to close the door, or install a baby gate, (works for dogs more than cats!)

3. Sprinkle an odour-neutralising spray - even baking soda - to lift unwanted smells.

4. Get ready to blot any 'accidents' - immediately!

5. Rubber brooms are fantastic for gathering fur from your carpet.

"All of us Charles Wilson Carpets love pets - and appreciate the risks involved with your flooring!" says Adam Wilson, director and cat owner. "The good news is that there are simple steps to take that will protect your flooring and redeem your pet!"

If in doubt, please ask - we'll have some handy tips for you! Pop into our store, or call us on 01462 450780.

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