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Pile Reversal
A type of shading found on carpets and a permanent type of shadowing.
Have you ever seen what looks like a water mark or a spill effect appear on your carpet? It may be pile reversal.
This type of shading effect is caused by the pile of the carpet changing to a different direction to its normal one, often in just one area or small patches of the carpet. It is often described as watermarking. See previous blog for diagram.
Unlike shading, which is caused by where you walk or hoover, pile reversal is a permanent change in pile direction which is not alleviated by vacuuming or trying to steam, brush or push the pile back to normal.

It tends to be most obvious in plain and smooth pile carpets. It usually occurs soon after installation and there has been no determined cause, despite huge amounts of research. Some suggest it can be to local effects such as uneven heat, damp sources or uneven floors but this has never been established or verified scientifically.
It is not a manufacturing fault and does not affect the wear of the carpet despite it being unsightly. It is also not possible to say that it will never occur. However, as it is a rare occurrence and as such some manufacturers do give a guarantee that they will replace your carpet if it happens i.e. Westex, Victoria (selected lines).
It has been and continues to be a very contentious area, should you have an issue with this problem the carpet foundation offers very good advice and assistance, please see their website: