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FAQ - Does the Room Have to be Clear?
What do you get asked most?  - Adam Wilson
We are starting a short series on frequently asked questions. Having been in business for over 40 years we have been asked almost anything you can think of regarding flooring and fitting. So today, I tackled our Director, Adam, to see what our customers want to know most and what his answer is.
Adam’s most frequently asked question was:
“Does the room have to be clear?”
The issue of clearing rooms to fit a floor is a really tricky one, where do you put everything! Like most flooring firms we do request that rooms are cleared but we also understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible. Often we have ladies on their own, older clients and those with back issues, so unlike some companies we try to be more flexible when it comes to lending a hand.
There are times when a unit has been put together in situ or a sofa had to be brought in with the window out and there is no way something like that is going to be easy to take back out of a room. So in these cases we can often find a way to fit a floor by moving them around as we go (providing we are aware of this in advance as it often takes two fitters and rather than one). We do ask that all items like these are emptied of contents/personal items and light fittings removed or protected to help us move furniture about, we have to think of the fitters backs  and precious knees when lifting!
Big beds are often a problem but if they can be turned on their end or pushed far enough into a corner to fit at least half the room then we can usually deal with this too.
The main issue can be height of items such as beds, wardrobes and units. If we need to push items to one end we then need to move them over to the other side when we’ve fitted one half. Then we must have enough clearance to be able to lift the item over the carpet which will be folded/ rolled in half at the time. Without this there isn’t a way to get the furniture back out of the way, so please check you have at least 5-6 inches to lift the item clear if you wish us to fit this way.
We should say that you do get a much better finish if we can fit a room that is clear, i.e carpets stretch better to give a tighter finish and screeding is sometimes a little messy and really needs to go down in one go to get that smooth finish (if done at different times you can get a slight alteration in consistency and finish). But as you can see we are used to finding a solution to help.
For further details and advice please do contact us or ask for our terms and conditions.