The quality carpet and flooring specialist

The Quality Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Feel-Good Flooring
Does your job involve long periods of standing?
Maybe there is a risk of breakages or wet floors?
Kitchens, bars, waiting areas, entrances… the right flooring can increase comfort and prevent health risks.
Anti-fatigue and duckboard matting can make a huge difference when it comes to the health and safety of employees… and of your customers too. Interiors Monthly reports that benefits include:

- Improving circulation as muscles are more inclined to contract and expand. 
- Helping keep feet away from hard, wet or damp floors. 
- Reducing the risk of back complaints due to the rubber/vinyl resilience. 
- Minimising strain on knees and other joints such as ankles 
- Protecting against tired feet 
- Reducing breakages, e.g. glassware 
It’s amazing that our flooring can make such a difference to our health!

The right choice of flooring will suit:

- The purpose of your room


- Anticipated wear


- Design


- Budget 

There’s a lot consider but the right solution can always be found.

The team at Charles Wilson Carpets is very experienced at recommending, supplying and fitting commercial flooring - indoors and outside.

We’ve even laid flooring in Hitchin town centre for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee visit!
If you need flooring for your work environment or for your home, pop in or call us.

We’ll be happy to advise you about the best flooring to make your space look good… and feel great too!