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Four Hard Flooring Trends for 2017
We recently launched our new range of Moduleo vinyl flooring which is extremely versatile, durable and creative. Plus, it’s made of at least 50% recycled material.
The team at Charles Wilson Carpets is impressed with the quality and service of the forward-thinking supplier. So what flooring trend does Moduleo predict for 2017? Design.
Here are four trends that look set to influence hard flooring next year:
1. Big geometric patterns  
This look is already growing in popularity – and demand is forecast to continue to grow. “Geometric flooring offers a striking, contemporary finish which takes centre stage to provide a creative and sleek ambience,” says Dave Bigland, Moduleo’s managing director for Eire and UK. He told kbbreview: “This look is extremely versatile and works well in most rooms, especially living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.”

2. The future is… grey
Bigland also anticipates that grey tones will continue to dominate colour choices in 2017, as they have through the second half of 2016. Textures will be used to create the cosy feel that most of us want for our homes. Think traditional with a modern twist...
3. Get the look
“As consumers look to create a warm and cosy feeling throughout their homes, textured rustic finishes will be on-trend for areas of relaxation, such as the living room and the bedroom,” said Bigland.
He adds “As vintage and retro trends continue to dominate the housing market, traditional woods are certainly still fashionable for the home.”
4. Create your own look
Above all, flooring is expected to become more of a statement next year. The demand for bespoke looks is already increasing and this trend looks set to continue into 2017. Bigland explains: “Creating a truly unique look is becoming a bigger priority and next year, as the catalogue of products on the market continues to develop, consumers will be faced with more options than ever before – making a bespoke look much more accessible to the masses.”
The new range of Moduleo flooring is ideal for creating the perfect look for your space and tastes – combining practicality and creativity. The new range is available now from our Hitchin store. “The best thing to do is pop in and take a look,” says Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “There are so many choices and we can show you the best options for the room involves and also for your tastes. You’ll be truly amazed at the options that are available.”
Take a look! Call into our Hitchin store and see what you think.