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The Quality Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Working from Home... In Style
Over 4 million people work from home. That’s 13.7% of employees.
All too often, little thought goes into a home working space. But – with careful creativity, an area or room can be productive and inspiring.

There are important considerations involved with choosing your home office flooring. The good news is that your choice can be both stylish and functional. The main flooring options are:

Great – for warmth, absorbing sound and a myriad of styles and colours.
Beware – carpets are more easily damaged or stained than other flooring choices.

Laminate floors:
Great – for easy installation
Beware – of the noise involved, so a thick underlay is needed, especially if your office space is not on the ground floor.
Solid wood flooring:
Great – for looking good, lasting a long time and creating a welcoming feel
Beware – of needing to replace thin wood if it has already been sanded and refinished a few times.
Cement floors:
Great – for being very durable and easily repairable
Beware – that these spaces are often cold and uninviting. Choose a large rug to create a warmer, more welcoming area.
Vinyl floors:
Great – if you enter your office space from outdoors as vinyl is easy to clean and maintain
Beware – vinyl must be carefully chosen to create the right impression. Your office is part of your home.
Engineered hardwood floors:
Great – for a versatile look, easy care. It’s extremely long lasting too.
Beware – this flooring is sometimes prone to dents and grooves.
The Bigger Picture
Remember – the biggest wear to any type of office flooring is your rolling office chair. It’s a great idea to invest in office chair mats or protectors.
From types to styles of flooring that would be perfect your office and your home, talk to the friendly experts at Charles Wilson. We’re here to help.