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10 Interior Design Trends for 2017
The ‘improve’ rather than ‘move’ option is increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Now is the time that many of us plan our spring updates… so what are the predicted hot trends for interior design in 2017?

1. Natural textiles – particularly within home accessories

2. Natural woods – the demand for natural wooden flooring increased during 2016 and looks set to be even more popular in 20173.

3. Ceramic table lights

4. Bold trimmings– these are a fabulous way to complement natural and pastel-coloured flooring offering style without compromising a spacious feel in a room

5. Bespoke-style wallpaper – get the hand painted look!

6. Pastel tones – especially grey – will dominate room palettes this year. This Moduleo Moods flooring is a fantastic example of trending interiors…

7. Textured glass – is expected to be very popular in interior lighting, contributing to the ‘natural’ style that many people are choosing.

8. Patterned rugs – make a statement in 2017 with a patterned rug as your centrepiece! Along with the bold trimming mentioned above, this is a great way to add colour, character and warmth to your room. The possibilities are endless!

9. Sculptured chairs – beautifully demonstrated in the image above.

10. Graphic inspired art – emphasising a natural theme such as pebbles or grass for example.

The design experts at Alexander James interior Design created this top ten list for Property Reporter. Stacey Sibley is Creative Director at the company. She says: “The emphasis within people's homes will be on an intensely natural environment. Textures and tones will reflect the beauty of nature, with a few modern touches thrown in for emphasis.”

Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets has already noticed that some of these predictions are coming true. He explains: “Many of our customers are opting for natural looks and pastel colours. We can cater for these tastes within our hard flooring and carpet ranges. There is also an amazing range of colours to choose from. Whatever your taste or budget, we’ll have something that’s right for your space in 2017.”

Juliette Weaver from Gilroy Interiors has also observed that the colours and materials used in our homes are as much essential to our well being as they are a design aesthetic.

The pantone colour of the year for 2017 is ‘Greenery’ which perfectly compliments soft greys and other pastel tones, bringing a feeling of calm and peace as well as creating a naturally welcoming environment.

Soft linens, crisp silks and cottons, paired with other organic furnishings such as wood, wool, leather and house plants all contribute to a living space that oozes calm, nature and vitality.

Besides furnishings, occasional lighting positioned in any dark areas will awaken that corner of the room and enhance the space further.

Has this list inspired you to transform a room? Have a chat with the team at Charles Wilson Carpets – we’re full of great ideas and friendly advice!