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Interior Trends for 2019
Pastel is back! No not the 1980’s way but in a fresh new, more nature-inspired way.
The looks are taken from anything from retro chic to seaside cottage but the overriding theme is one of a relaxing palette in fresh tones with lots of patterned fabrics giving quite an eclectic style.


The main ideas are:
  • Pastels – soft yellows, blues, pinky terracottas and sea greens
  • Faded, vintage materials
  • Lots of soft floral patterns and nature-inspired images
  • Natural materials flooring such as sisal, coir and in mats too
  • Wicker, rustic wood
  • Distressed furniture and picture frames
  • Handmade – macrame and knitting are back! 

In carpets we are finding the rustic loops and flecked look in natural hues are becoming a must – heading away from the strong and plain greys.
For hard flooring a rustic wood effect, often with a wash or distressed feel is coming back – it can work well against strongly modern furniture/kitchens to soften the overall feel. Remember - hard flooring is hugely practical too!

Are you tempted to freshen up your space and give it a new look that’s on trend? Pop into our Hermitage Road store to see our fabulous range of patterns and designs available with our flooring options.
Our friendly team can offer the best advice for your room and your budget ensuring that your space is practical as well as good looking!