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How White is Your Wool?
New Zealand is the world’s largest producer of crossbred wool, and the second largest exporter of all wool, (after Australia).
Wools of New Zealand, (WoNZ), is the company that monitors New Zealand's wool standards. New Zealand sheep farmers own it. It is set to test products that claim to use New Zealand wools to check that their claims are genuine. WoNZ is keen to confirm that New Zealand has not been replaced by wool from another country.
Why is this important?
New Zealand wool is a premium product, known for its superior whiteness. Plus, its origin means that it has passed rigorous quality and performance tests.
As well as being long-lasting and allergy-friendly, New Zealand wool is especially effective within the dyeing process. This is especially true now that WoNZ has jointly developed new technology to create bolder, longer lasting colours.
WoNZ wants to maintain the premium New Zealand wool obtains thanks to its whiteness. Testing products will ensure that the content of quality of rugs and carpets truly reflects the product description. This will protect New Zealand wool’s strength within the carpet world.
“The quality and colour of wool from New Zealand make carpets using this material very popular with our customers,“ says Helen Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “The testing will give everyone peace of mind that we can rely upon the wool and therefore the carpets involved. It also ensures complete fairness to farmers and customers alike.”
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