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Know Your Nylon!
Are you choosing a new carpet soon? Deciding between a wool carpet or one with man-made fibres is your first step.  (You’ll find plenty of tips in our blog: Choosing Your Carpets: Wool vs. Man-Made.)

If man-made is the option for you, how about a nylon carpet?

It’s a little-known option which is becoming more and more popular. This trend has resulted in several new ranges, (please ask us for details). So, what’s the fuss about nylon?

4 Big Benefits of Nylon Carpets

The main advantage offered by nylon is durability… perfect for a busy area of your home, especially if you have children or pets. You can expect your nylon carpet to last 10-15 years.
When dirt gets into carpet, the sharp edges of the particles cut into the carpet fibres, eventually destroying them. The strength of nylon slows this process remarkably.

Nylon also has better bounce-back than polyester. Walk on it, and you might even feel its resistance. The fibres more readily return to an upright position. When you move or replace your furniture, nylon has good ‘bounce back’ so the inevitable marks are easier to get rid of.

Nylon also has great colour flexibility and many nylon yarn systems are exceptionally soft. Nylon can be treated for protection against household spills and stains. Some of the new ranges use a tighter and smoother fibre structure. This enables the carpet to be more resistant to staining and dirt and comes with a bleach cleanable guarantee.
Nylon is a tough and durable man-made fibre. It's cost-effective and can look just as good as wool carpets.

“Many of our customers are asking us about nylon carpets,” says Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets and Flooring. “Our regular suppliers have launched new ranges of nylon carpets in some great colours and patterns.”

If you’d like to see the choices available or ask about nylon carpets, please pop into our store in Hermitage Road, Hitchin or call us on 01462 450 780. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!