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The Problem With Carpet Moths
Nearly every week we are asked about moth damage and how to prevent it, so we seem to be in a hot spot or “moth” spot you might say! You can spot moth damage in your carpets – look for threadbare patches where the pile has been eaten through to the backing.
Why do we get moths in our homes & carpets?
The warm, dark conditions that are available in our homes are ideal for moths. They particularly like:
  • Mild conditions, a lovely centrally heated house is perfect
  • Dark spot – under your furniture or furniture legs is a good spot
  • Undisturbed areas – again behind or under furniture
  • Natural fibres – carpet wool is something the larvae like to munch 
carpet mothsWhat do carpet moths look like?
  • The larvae casings are tiny and woolly white like grains of rice
  • The larvae themselves are an opaque creamy colour with a black head
  • The adult can be a light brown to a silvery grey with hazy dark spots and wingspan of about 15mm 

6 tips to prevent carpet moths in your home
A recent survey of carpet shops showed that the issue of carpet moth damage is not as wide spread as we think. Despite this reassuring outcome, we are regularly asked how to prevent it. Here are our top tips for preventing moth damage:
  1. Number one is to do a regular full clean behind and under sofas, units and in undisturbed corners – yes “spring-cleaning” is the answer in a lot of cases
  2. However, once there are larvae this might not solve the problem as they are sometimes difficult to see. The eggs can lay dormant for 4-10 days and just a few can still have a pretty healthy appetite and of course they can re-breed with 30-300 eggs at a time!
  3. Treat areas that have been infested, there are moth papers and sprays available but for repeated or larger infestations do contact a reputable pest controller
  4. Buy moth resistant treated wool carpets but be aware this treatment can only last anything from 2 – 5 years, the chemicals today must be less toxic than they used to be for health reasons
  5. Buy synthetic fibred carpets, so far there is little evidence to say carpet moth will attack man-made fibres
  6. Remember they are an airborne insect and can re-appear just by flying in and finding the right conditions at any time so be vigilant if you’ve had a problem before 

Help is at hand…
If you have carpet moths or are keen to prevent them coming into your home, pop in and have a chat with our team. We can chat through the advice given above, plus show you our range of treated wool carpets. We also have a wide range of man-made fibres that moth don’t like. Let’s banish your carpet moths!