The quality carpet and flooring specialist

The Quality Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Is your fitter qualified?
Do you know if the person coming to fit your floor has any formal qualifications or what level of experience they have?
It’s sad to say but in the flooring industry few fitters have any certification and anyone can just pick up the tools of the trade and call themselves a flooring fitter, without attending any training and we don’t have a trade body to properly register with.
Here at Charles Wilson we employ half of our fitting team just so we can be sure of their levels of training and expertise before we send them out to you at home.  There are courses from carpet fitting to hard flooring fitting such as for vinyl, vinyl tile and wood floorings.
Products are always being re-invented, new ways of fitting created and brand new types of flooring being introduced, so it is very important we keep our team in the loop and up to date.
Our two experienced fitters have been on some of the FITA courses and our apprentice is just about to embark on his. To learn more about FITA see their website:
Almost as important to us has been the handing down of years of experience from one generation of fitters to another. There is no substitute for time spent on the job and our two original fitters had over 90 years know-how between them! In turn the passed they passed this on to our current Head Fitter who is now doing the same for our latest apprentice.
Remember to ask your fitter, retailer what experience they have as no matter how good a flooring you buy, if it's fitted badly it will never show its quality! Guarantees can also be affected if it not installed correctly.