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7 Ways to Minimise Carpet Indents
Have you ever moved your furniture to make things look different?
Maybe you have changed the layout of your room to create more space?
Did you notice the dreaded indents in your carpet?
When you put a heavy load on a small area such as a leg or foot of a piece of furniture you can’t really expect a carpet not to show it. Over time, a noticeable indent forms at the points where your furniture – and all its weight - comes into contact with your floor. The more time you leave something in place the more time it takes for your carpet or rug to start to recover.
The dips and dents that result can be very noticeable at times, so what if anything can you do?
7 Ways to Reduce Carpet Indents
  1. Buy a dense underlay rather than a springy one, something like a felt (less to squash down over time)
  2. Use castor cups – they widen the base area if put under the legs or wheels of furniture, helps spread the load.
  3. Vacuum the spot well, use a nozzle to direct the lift
  4. For stubborn areas using a damp cloth and ironing the cloth over the patch can help lift it with the steam
  5. You can try a blunt darning needle to help tease the pile after you use the steam method
  6. Whatever you do be patient and don’t over soak or over poke the pile or it will get damaged
  7. Also be prepared if the carpet was a very soft and floppy pile that it might not recover if it has been left under pressure for too long 

“Even the best quality carpets find it hard to withstand the long-term pressure of furniture,” says Mark Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets in Hitchin. “Over time, you’ll notice dips and dents on the carpet pile when you move or replace furniture. Prevention is always better than cure – choosing the right underlay and using castor cups from when you have your carpet fitted are a big help.”
If you are ready for a new carpet – or would even like a new rug to cover indents and give your room a fresh new look – call into our store at 39 Hermitage Road Hitchin. Our friendly team is on hand to offer expert advice.