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Reasons to Love Rugs

Rugs are the perfect addition to any space. They can fit into your decorative style or add an extra wow factor to your room. Plus, of course, they feel great underfoot!
Large or small, rugs are the modern way to brighten your room, add some warmth (especially when used with hard flooring) and protect your flooring.

Modern rugs come in all shapes and sizes – straight, round or positively funky! Before you choose your style of rug, think about how will it work in your home. Here are some initial considerations:
  • If it needs to withstand lots of footfall, a low-pile rug will work well. 
  • Synthetic rugs are easier to clean – great if you have pets or young children 
  • Looking forward to that sumptuous feeling of your rug between your toes? Thick-pile is for you!
  • Fancy a change? Rugs are a great way to change the look of your room – adding a splash of colour or a seasonal feel to your space. 
  • Should your rug design stand out or blend in? A large rug can be a wonderful statement piece in your room – or you could have rugs made of the same material as your carpet (great for protecting key areas without making a fuss).
IMAGE - room setting with grey rug