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What Is Next for Wool?
Natural wools carpets have been given a run for their money by manmade fibres. But - wool prices have stabilised and wool carpets are seeing a boost in popularity. In fact, wool’s future is bright.

Interiors Monthly asked several leading manufacturers for their opinion about today’s natural wool carpets. They all agreed: wool remains the best fibre from which to make a carpet.

Martin West of Kingsmead explains: “The older generation still appreciates the longevity of the good looks and natural sustainability of the fibre, the younger generation less so.”

He adds: “We have a responsibility to educate this new generation to the benefits of the fibre to show that there is more to a carpet than the ability to clean it with bleach.”

Jeremy Wilson from Ulster Carpets confirms thus stance, explaining: “We think it is the best fibre type and have no plans to change what we make.”

As well as superior quality carpets, natural wool also offers a sustainable carpet option.  The flooring industry is under pressure to make recyclable products. Natural wool is 100% sustainable.

“In the future, carpets will be 100% natural or 100% synthetic,” predicts Steven Parsons of Wools of New Zealand. “Industry consolidation, smarter product design and smarter marketing will deliver better returns to the farmers who grow the best fibre.”

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