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The Quality Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Finishing Touches - things to make your room sing!

Simply adding a few unusual or different items to your floor or carpet can make a real difference to your room!

There are many little accessories available that can bring an elegant, smart or make a statement look to finish off your room.
One of the most popular items we provide is different door bars:
  • Made to measure wooden thresholds – great for older properties, more in keeping
  • Standard wooden thresholds – some even come with marquetry inlays
  • Solid metal door bars/thresholds – stylish chrome, satin nickel to brass, very classy! 
With the current trend for runner carpets on stairs (i.e. narrow strip rather than edge to edge) we are also able to offer a fantastic array of stair rods and clips:
  • they are not needed in most cases to hold the carpet down but they do offer a beautiful finish to this type of fitting
  • there are numerous ends (crystal for real bling!) , metal finishes to choose from and even plastic ones that look very much like the real thing but keep the price right down.
  • modern to traditional – there is now a style to suit any home 
One of our most popular services is binding or overstitching customers’ off-cuts/ left over carpet:
  • we can simply overstitching them to make a smart rug, ideal in doorways or to protect the carpet where you sit most or even as a hall runner
  • we can cotton bind them – gives a contemporary finish and makes more of a statement
  • we can even get them tasselled for you! 
Talking of rugs, we offer a small selection in our store, with many more are available to order from our catalogues. If you need a special size and we have a carpet you like from our store we can also make one up especially for you.
We also provide bespoke rug services for Crucial Trading & VM Carpets of Finland (some of these are even made from super strong paper and linen!).
Pop in to see our flooring accessories; see how small finishing touches can make a big difference to your room.