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Gripping Success
You wouldn’t build a house with shaky foundations, would you?
Well, your carpet’s gripper has the same effect as your home’s foundation, offering stability, durability and the right look to your flooring. No-one wants a wonky carpet that’s coming away from the wall!
As reported by Richard Renouf in last month’s Interiors Monthly, using the right gripper – and fitting it correctly – is vital to the performance and long-term aesthetics of your carpet.
Undoubtedly, if the gripper is wrong, or if it is fitted poorly, then the finished carpet fitting will suffer. The carpet may come loose, ruck and fray. For many people, it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ however the gripper is a crucial part of carpet fitting.

Three Steps to Gripping Success
Firstly, it’s vital  to position the gripper correctly. If it’s too far from the skirting boards, the carpet can come loose from the angled front edge, leading to rucking. The ideal gap is two thirds of the thickness of the carpet – ideally no more than 6mm-8mm. This ensures that the carpet is held securely.

Secondly, gripper pins hold the tension in the carpet and must be placed and fitted carefully. Hammer them home too hard and they become flattened and unable to do their job.
Finally, Renouf recommends that there should be at least two fixings in every piece of gripper. This prevents the gripper from turning or flexing, distorting the carpet. Different types of nails are used fro various types of floors, however in some cases, staples or glue offer a better solution.
Our best advice? For complete peace of mind, trust the qualified, experienced fitters at Charles Wilson Carpets. Our team is fully trained and will adapt the gripper materials and techniques according to your flooring and property. We’re here to help.