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We're on the move!
It's all change at Charles Wilson Carpets - we're moving home!
map showing route between Hitchin and SheffordGood news! Our new store will be in Shefford - only six miles away from our current location in Hermitage Road. We'll be just down the road from Hitchin, with easy, free parking!

From Saturday 2 January 2021, we'd love to welcome you to our new store at:
Unit 6E, St Francis Way, Shefford, SG17 5DZ

We hope to welcome you back to our Hitchin store after the imminent lockdown, up to mid-December. (Please remember to book an appointment to adhere to our safety guidelines.) We'll close temporarily until 9am on Saturday 2 January 2021 to allow us time to move to our new location.

We're creating a special space within our warehouse to showcase our fantastic range of carpets, hard flooring and rugs. Please be reassured that it really will be business as usual at our new location. You'll find that we have the same:
  • Great product range
  • Excellent customer service
  • Telephone number: 01462 450 780
  • Smiling faces!
Mark Wilson, Director of Charles Wilson Carpets and Flooring Ltd           Adam Wilson, Director of Charles Wilson Carpets and Flooring Ltd

Even better - we'll celebrate the opening of our new Shefford store with our New Year sale!

We look forward to keeping you updated and hope you stay safe and well.
Carpet Care With Pets
Is your pooch hiding from you? Maybe your cat has brought you a 'loving trophy'?

Almost half of us (49%) own a cat or a dog... which can involve flooring mishaps! Here are our top five tips to love your carpet as well as your pet:

1. Use a doormat or a rug in doorways with outdoor access.

2. Use a barrier to keep your pet out of certain rooms with vulnerable flooring! Remember to close the door, or install a baby gate, (works for dogs more than cats!)

3. Sprinkle an odour-neutralising spray - even baking soda - to lift unwanted smells.

4. Get ready to blot any 'accidents' - immediately!

5. Rubber brooms are fantastic for gathering fur from your carpet.

"All of us Charles Wilson Carpets love pets - and appreciate the risks involved with your flooring!" says Adam Wilson, director and cat owner. "The good news is that there are simple steps to take that will protect your flooring and redeem your pet!"

If in doubt, please ask - we'll have some handy tips for you! Pop into our store, or call us on 01462 450780.

For more general carpet caring tips, click here.
The Growing Trend for Tiles
It's official: the sale of flooring tiles is booming! Why have tiles become such a popular flooring choice?

There are several reasons why people are choosing tiles. The biggest reason is the versatility they offer.

We love this type of flooring as it's very durable and practical. This makes tiles perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, especially as they are water resistant and non-absorbent.

You can choose from a huge variety of materials and finishes, from soft carpet tiles to vinyl. In fact, 74% of stockists are selling more vinyl than five years ago. The finishes available are top quality, making tiles a practical and affordable choice whilst ensuring that your flooring looks great.

The Stone Finish
“Many people like the look of natural stone tiles, however they are put off by how hard they feel underfoot and how cold they are during the winter, ” explains Adam Wilson of Charles Wilson Carpets. “Flooring tiles can create the same look but with greater warmth, comfort and resilience.”
The Look of Wood
Choose from a wide choice of wooden finishes, perfect for a quieter alternative to wood itself and easy to keep clean.
The Comfort of Carpet
Carpet tiles are soft to walk on, easy to install and offer great design choices. These tiles are great for high footfall areas and absorbing sound. This means they are often favoured by landlords. “Carpet tiles give home owners the warmth and comfort of carpet whilst providing a flooring which is easy to install and cost effective to replace,” says Adam.
Creative Freedom
A distinct advantage is the wow factor you can easily create when designing the look of your room. Flooring tiles offer the best freedom and flexibility to incorporate colours, patterns and impact to your space. You really are spoilt for choice! 
This ‘instant makeover’ is designed to withstand daily use. Whilst being stain-resistant, if needed you can just uplift a plank (if stuck down version used & non-click) to remove damaged areas.

Flooring tiles have become hugely popular and the range available has grown enormously,” says Adam.

Are you tempted by the look, resilience and versatility of flooring tiles?  Pop into our store at 39 Hermitage Road, Hitchin. Take a look at our range of flooring tiles and our friendly team can answer any questions.
Top Reasons to Buy a New Carpet
What motivates you to buy a new carpet? A survey of Brits reveals the top reasons are:

1. If it was stained or damaged - 29.1%
2. If I was changing my decor - 18.4%
3. I wouldn't - I'd make it last with rugs etc - 16.5%
4. When moving into a new house - 14.4%
5. If it felt unhygienic - 10.9%
6. After having it for over five years - 8.5%
7. Other - 2.2%

Are you tempted? 
Pop into our Hermitage Road store in Hitchin and browse through our carpets. We're here to help!