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Little known facts about wool

The best things about wool

You might have seen in the news about the “Campaign for Wool” which is gathering pace, supported by the Prince of Wales.
There are lots of interesting facts about wool that you may not know and most of these facts mean it’s a great product for carpets and you as a customer:
  • Warm & soft underfoot – think how a sheep uses it to drive out the cold and rain, the natural insulating properties mean wool is really cosy and good for keeping the warmth in your rooms.
  • Shhh – wool is great at reducing noise in a room, naturally it absorbs footfall and echoes.
  • Strength - over the long term very few fibres can match wool for its strength and resilience. It has a natural twist to the fibre so it acts like a spring. It bounces back, that helps reduce flattening.
  • Easy to care for – contrary to popular belief it is hard to care for, the natural oils in a fleece help repel dirt and soiling. The higher grade the wool the better it will clean but don’t keep washing it, you’ll take out the oils that protect it!
  • Soft landings – not all fibres are good at absorbing falling objects. Wool is a good cushion for when little ones or the older ones in our lives take a tumble. Might help stop the odd broken vase aswell as broken bones.
  • Fire Retardant – it’s very difficult to set fire to wool. Hold a match to it and will go out within seconds so good is its natural resistance. You don’t need to add any chemicals to enhance this.

Wool is great for the environment

  • Sustainable – well you can’t argue with the fact it grows back year on year. 100% natural and with sheep benefiting from the shearing it’s a perfect low impact product.
  • Biodegradable – unlike a lot of the man-made fibres used today wool will breakdown and produce naturally occurring elements such as carbon, water and nitrogen which are not harmful to the environment
  • Insulating – helps with energy efficiency in your home by keeping heat in, there are now many wool wall/roof insulating products as it is considered one of the best products to use
  Enough bleating on – wool really is a bit of a wonder, why not give it a try in your home?